I had the pleasure of working with my brother's band, The Northern Lights, to design their logo and create their website. They are some awesome musicians and terrific people to work with! The band wanted a logo to match their vintage sound and insipiration, but a timeless look that is still modern and will still look cool in years to come.

I searched around for some classic fonts, trying several different styles before I found a perfect font at one of my favorite sites, Letterhead Fonts. I created a sheet with some sample logos, which allowed us to narrow in on our collective vision for the perfect logo.

We were definitely getting close with some of these, but they needed to feel a bit more emblematic. By forming an arch with the text, it really gave it that effect. I customized a few of the letters to make it appear more symmetrical and lo and behold, we arrived at the logo below!

The distressing on the text isn't an official part of the logo, but it adds a lot on a plain background. I also enjoyed honing my PhotoShop skills and overlaying the logo on different backgrounds!

The logo makes a great header for their site, which was also an awesome project to work on. I rarely get to do website design, so I had fun coming up with a solution for them. They formerly had a site built with Bandzoogle, a web-design platform that is specifically geared towards musicians. You can make some cool sites with it, but anything is only as good as the effort and design used to create it. Unfortunately, the guys in the band had other stuff to focus on, so I made an offer to create the site from scratch.

I wanted to simplify their site. Originally, they had a bunch of different pages, but not a lot of content to fill each of those pages out. My friend Clay at STRLGHT Media showed me a site called One Page Love, a site for showcasing beautiful and simple one-page websites! This inspired me to take a similar approach and have everything on a single page with different sections. This is also a great solution for mobile devices, as single page scrolling is really easy.

The site is live at! I coded most of the site by hand, but I used some really handy widgets, such as the Light Widget, a responsive widget for embedding an Instagram gallery in any site. I also designed each section header to add some more flair to the site, but not clash with the other fonts.

Overall, I think it turned out really well and I'm happy to see it work for them! I often have a lot of passion projects of mine going on, but if you're interested in having me create a website for you, feel free to reach out!

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