D3 is a Javascript library which offers a myriad of possibilities for data visualization. While D3 offers interactive mapping capabilities, some interactions are a bit less intuitive than other libraries (e.g., Leaflet.js). However, D3 gives you the ability to easily link your map to another visualization drawn from the same data.

I decided to try out a donut chart as a coordinated vizualization. As you hover over a state on the map, the corresponding wedge in the chart is also highlighted and vice versa. The hardest part was taking the example from the online repository of D3 visualizations and adapting it to work with the newest version of D3 (the example I found was written for v3 and I was using v4). One problem I still have to fix is overlapping labels with certain data.

This map was fun to create and I learned a lot about D3. I also used D3 vizualizaitons and Leaflet to visualize large volumes of pollen data from the Neotoma database in the mobile app, Flyover Country. You can read more about my work on that project here!

Feel free to explore the visualization below!

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